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    Legal & Regulatory Issues
    Delivery of Patient Care
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    2016 Webinar
    2017 Webinar
    Patient Care
    ASCA 2015 Annual Meeting
    ASCA 2016 Annual Meeting
    ASCA 2017 Annual Meeting
    Winter Coding Seminar 2012
    01 - CASC Review Course
    010 - CASC Review
    010 - CASC Review Course
    010 - Completing the Financial Measures in the ASCA Benchmarking Survey
    010 - How to Achieve Compliance in Pharmacy Medication Management
    010 - Implications of the CMS Adoption of the 2012 National Fire Protection Association Life Safety Code
    010 - Perioperative Temperature Management for ASCs: What''s in Your Protocol?
    010 - Recovery Care Options in ASCs
    010 - Rules and Best Practices for Immediate-Use Steam Sterilization
    010 - Sterilization Quality Control for the ASC
    02 - Preparing for AAAHC Accreditation
    020 - HIPAA in Plain English: Compliance, Tips and Case Studies
    020 - How ASCs Can Impact the Opioid Crisis Through Physician Engagement
    020 - ICD-10 For Administrators
    020 - Identify and Prevent Narcotic Diversion in Your ASC
    020 - Implementing the OAS CAHPS Survey—Lessons We Are Learning
    020 - In Print, On Air and Online: The Challenges and Opportunities of Media Relations
    020 - Infection Control: Are You Making the Grade?
    020 - Preparing for AAAHC Accreditation
    020 - Real-World Solutions for Managing Complaints
    020 - Spine and Beyond: Moving Procedures to the ASC Setting
    03 - Preparing for a Joint Commission Survey
    030 - Engaging Your Supply Chain Resource to Gain Understanding and Provide Leadership
    030 - HIPAA Essentials for Your ASC
    030 - Managing, Measuring and Motivating Remote Business Office Staff
    030 - Maximize Your Investment in Your Business Office Personnel
    030 - Meeting OSHA's Requirements
    030 - Preparing for AAAHC Accreditation
    030 - Tackle the Top Five Human Resources Risk Events
    030 - The New DEA Disposal Regulations: What You Need to Know
    030 - The Role of Infection Prevention and Control in an ASC QAPI Program
    030 - The Updated Infection Control Surveyor Worksheet for ASCs - What You Need to Know
    04 - CMS' Physical Environment and the "New" Life Safety Code
    040 - Always Be Prepared! CMS and Accreditation Survey Issues and Strategies
    040 - CMS's Physical Environment and the Life Safety Code
    040 - Creating QI Studies 101
    040 - Developing a Culture of Patient Safety
    040 - How to Use Benchmarking Results in Your Facility
    040 - Improving the Pre-Admission Process: One ASC's Success Story
    040 - Managing an Adverse Event
    040 - Managing the Fundamentals of Competencies
    040 - Supplier Contracting Best Practices
    05 - What Next Generation Leaders Want and Need
    050 - A CMSLife Safety Code Survival Guide
    050 - CMS' Interpretive Guidelines: How to Comply with Recent Changes
    050 - CMS Surveys
    050 - Collections and the Dissatisfied Patient
    050 - Credentialing 101
    050 - Cut Costs with a Collaborative Effort inside Your ASC
    050 - Infection Prevention Risk Assessment
    050 - Organizing and Documenting Physical Environment Compliance for Medicare ASC Surveys
    050 - QAPI Study Guide: Identify the Right Topics and Produce Meaningful Results in Your ASC
    06 - Avoiding Nurse Burnout
    060 - Does Your Infection Prevention Plan Include the Right Strategies for Your Patients?
    060 - Enhanced Recovery after Ambulatory Surgery: Current Concepts
    060 - How to Give Your ASC the Best Financial Advantage
    060 - How to Train your Business Office Team to Optimize your Revenue Cycle
    060 - In Print, On Air and Online: The Challenges and Opportunities of Media Relations
    060 - Reading the Tea Leaves - What Are the Top Ten Regulatory Risks Your ASC Will Face in 2017?
    060 - Why Become Accredited and Tips for Success
    060 - Zero-Stress CMSLife Safety Code Surveys
    07 - Advancing Value-Based, Patient-Centered Care Using Prospective Clinical Registries
    070 - 50 Ways to Improve Productivity in Your ASC
    070 - Financial Benchmarking 101
    070 - How Infection Prevention, OSHA and Safety Relate in an ASC
    070 - How to Negotiate Managed Care Contracts Successfully
    070 - Infection Control Training inside Your ASC
    070 - Out-of-Network Billing: Is This Still a Viable Business Strategy for ASCs?
    070 - Seven Things You Need to Know About Managed Care Contracts
    070 - What Every Director of Nursing and Clinical Director Needs to Know
    070 - Your Policy and Procedure Manual, One Chapter at a Time
    08 - Social Media from an HR Perspective
    080 - Best Practices in Surgical Instrument Reprocessing
    080 - CMS Quality Reporting for ASCs
    080 - CMS Surveys
    080 - Current Guidelines and Standards for Moderate vs. Deep Sedation, TrainingPitfalls and Controversies
    080 - Flexible Endoscope Reprocessing: Re-thinking the Risk for Endoscopy-Associated Infections
    080 - Is Your ASC HITECH? How to Ensure Your Center is Equipped to Succeed
    080 - Managing Conflict Effectively
    080 - Taking the Infection Preventionist Seriously
    080 - The Do's and Don'ts of Social Media in an ASC Setting
    080 - Working With Compounding Pharmacies: What You Need to Know
    09 - Adapting to Medicare's New ASC Payment Methodologies
    090 - ASC Survey Trends and How to Achieve Compliance
    090 - Credentialing Trends: Improving Safety, Tracking Outcomes, and Accreditation Compliance
    090 - Electronic Health Records More Than Just a Documentation Tool
    090 - External Coding Audits: Maximize Their Value for Your ASC
    090 - Hiring and Firing Employees
    090 - Key ASC Coding Challenges, Denials and the Fine Art of Overturning Them
    090 - Lower the High Cost of Collecting from the New Payer: The Patient
    090 - OAS CAHPS: Next Steps
    090 - Privacy and Security Risks Related to the COVID-19 Pandemic
    090 - Updates To The Recommended Practices Specific to ASCs
    10 - Roles of the Infection Preventionist
    10 Best Practices for 2012 ASC Payer Contracting Negotiations
    100 - Beginners Guide to Electronic Health Record Technology
    100 - Create a Meaningful Quality Improvement Program
    100 - Financial Benchmarking 201 (Include Revenue Cycle)
    100 - From Marijuana to Sexual Harassment: Health Care Employment Law Updates
    100 - How to Succeed When a CMS Survey Strikes
    100 - ICD-10 Updates: The Aftermath of Implementation
    100 - Intake and Investigation: Effectively Handling Employee Complaints
    100 - Moderate Sedation in the GI Suite
    100 - Risk Management: Beyond Adverse Incident Reporting
    100 - Violence in the ASC Setting: A Case Study Based on Experience
    11 - Improve Communications to Enhance Your Patient Care
    110 - 5 Tips for Handling Social Media in the Workplace
    110 - Cyber Security Issues for ASCs
    110 - How to Optimize ICD-10
    110 - Informed Consent in the ASC: Legal Considerations and Implications
    110 - Meaningful Performance Improvement Projects
    110 - Medicare Quality Reporting Update for ASCs
    110 - Risk Management: Defining an Adverse Event and Performing a Root Cause Analysis
    110 - Update on Sterilization Standards
    110 - When a Physician Leaves: Strategies for Surviving and Thriving
    110 - When an Employee Requests Leave: Navigating the ADA and FMLA Requirements
    12 - Protect Your ASC by Evaluating Its Insurance Coverages
    120 - Antibiotic Stewardship
    120 - Bringing Out the Best in Your Staff: Go Beyond Your Comfort Zone
    120 - ICD-10: Current Documentation Practices and Contingency Plans that Impede Progress
    120 - Making Peer Review Meaningful
    120 - Maximizing Staff Productivity
    120 - Medicare Quality Reporting Update
    120 - Physician Credentialing in Your ASC
    120 - Society for Ambulatory Anesthesia (SAMBA) Panel: Advances in Enhanced Recovery
    120 - Understanding Medicare's Proposed Rates for 2015
    120 - Using AORN Guidelines to Avoid Adverse Patient Events
    13 - CMS Quality Reporting for ASCs
    130 - 20 Things to Do Now to Ensure Safe Medication Management
    130 - Clinical Benchmarking
    130 - CMS Quality Reporting for ASCs
    130 - CMS Quality Reporting for ASCs: Requirements, FAQs and Program Update
    130 - Electronic Health Record Update: Is EHR the Light or the Train at the End of the Tunnel?
    130 - Hiring and Firing Employees
    130 - Moderate Sedation--Keeping Patients Safe
    130 - Protect Your Patients with a Comprehensive Surgical Instrument Safety Program
    130 - Strategies to Recruit and Retain Physicians in the ASC
    130 - Take Your Collections from Average to Amazing
    14 - Aligning Your Policies and Procedures with CMS' Regulations and Accreditation Standards
    140 - Best Practices in Surgical Instrument Reprocessing
    140 - Compliance: From the QA Meeting to the Board Meeting
    140 - Compounded MedicinesNew Laws, New Responsibilities, New Questions
    140 - Physician Credentialing in Your ASC
    140 - Preparing for Electronic Health Records: What You Need to Consider When Preparing to 140 - Make the Change from Paper to an Electronic Workflow
    140 - Steps for QAPI Success
    140 - Strategic Planning Fundamentals for Your ASC
    140 - Understanding Medicares 2017 Final Payment Rule
    140 - What Do I Have to Complete…and When?
    140 - You Just Discovered an Infection in an ASC Patient. Now What?
    15 - Fraud and Abuse Enforcement
    150 - A Shifting Perspective: The Voice of the Millennial Professional
    150 - CMS Burden Reduction Rule Update
    150 - CPT® Changes 2017: What's New, Revised and Deleted
    150 - Credentialing and Peer Review of Advanced Practice Nurses and Allied Health Professionals
    150 - Electronic Health Record Panel
    150 - Essential Steps to Building a Winning Culture
    150 - Medicare's Proposed Changes to ASC Payment Policy for 2016
    150 - Medicare's Proposed Changes to ASC Payment Policy for 2016
    150 - Optimizing Profitability Through Engagement and Team Alignment
    150 - Steps for Completing a QAPI Project
    150 - What Every New Administrator Should Know- 101
    16 - Infection Prevention Risk Assessment
    160 - ASC Governance and Ownership Structure
    160 - ASCA's New Benchmarking Survey
    160 - CMS Quality Reporting for ASCs
    160 - CMS Quality Reporting for ASCs
    160 - CMS Quality Reporting for ASCs
    160 - CMS Quality Reporting for ASCs Sponsored by: Surgical Notes
    160 - Proper Credentialing and Privileging as a Risk Management Process
    160 - Raise the Bar of Your Governing Board
    160 - Risk Management: Challenges, Best Practices and Implementing a Comprehensive Program
    17 - Elevate Your Game What to Know About Managed Care Contracts
    170 - Benchmarking Key Performance Indicators for Financial Health
    170 - Establishing a Culture of Safety in Your ASC
    170 - Federal Update
    170 - Fundamentals of Steam Sterilization Process Monitoring
    170 - Medicare's Final Rates for 2015
    170 - Strategic Planning for your ASC: Part 2
    170 - Understanding Medicare’s 2018 Final Payment Rule
    170 - Understanding Medicare's 2020 Final Payment Rule
    18 - ASC Business Office Assessment Findings: Recurring Issues to Avoid
    180 - CPT Changes 2015: What's New, Revised and Deleted, and What That All Means to ASCs
    180 - CPT Changes 2018: What's New, Revised and Deleted
    180 - Overexposure: Risks Related to Disclosure of Preoperative Testing Results to Third Parties
    180 - Pharmacy Medication Management in the ASC
    180 - Staff Roles and Responsibilities in the ASC
    180 - Understanding Medicare's 2019 Final Payment Rule
    180 - Using Medicare Regulations and Interpretive Guidelines to Understand and Respond to Your Survey's Results
    180 - Where Do You Stand within the Alphabet Soup? ACA, ACO, ASC, IPA Health Reform Who Will Survive?
    19 - Cyber Threats in Health Care: HIPAA and Beyond
    190 - A Successful High Performance Revenue Cycle: 101 Monitoring
    190 - Best Practices in Vendor CredentialingVendor Access
    190 - Improving Quality Studies and QAPI in Your ASC
    190 - Social Media from a Legal Perspective
    190 - Violence in the ASC Setting: A Case Study Based on Experience
    190 - When Disaster Strikes Your ASC: Preparedness, Response and Recovery
    20 - CMS Surveys
    200 - Disruptive Behavior: How to Handle It
    200 - How to Take Full Advantage of Managed Care Contracts Throughout Your Revenue Cycle
    200 - Set, Define, and Reinforce a High Performance Culture
    200 - The ABCs of Laser Safety
    2012-16 All Sessions - COMP
    21 - The Administrator's Role in Endoscope Reprocessing
    210 - Best Practices to Optimize Patient Collections
    210 - Emerging Trends in Post Op Care after Total Joint Procedures
    210 - The Devil is in the Details (Practical Tools for CLIA Compliance)
    210 - Tips for Simplifying and Improving Your Staff Competency Assessment Tool
    22 - Reduce Supply Costs in Your Independent ASC
    220 - Confronting Obamacare and Accountable Care Organizations
    220 - Financial Benchmarking
    220 - Guidance on Surgical Fire Prevention
    220 - Sterilization of Ophthalmic Instruments- Immediate Use Steam Sterilization (IUSS)
    23 - How to Write a Plan of Correction for CMS
    230 - Attaining a Successful Competency Program
    230 - Front Office Management
    230 - Managed Care Contracting: Strategies for Success in Today's Marketplace
    230 - Understanding Medicare's 2016 Final Payment Rule
    24 - Peer Review: 2017 Update
    240 - CPT Changes 2016: What's New, Revised and Deleted, and What That All Means to ASCs
    240 - Drug Diversion in the ASC: A Hidden Threat to Patient Safety
    240 - Infection Control: Confronting New and Existing Challenges during Surveys and Daily Practice
    240 - Managing a Medicare-Compliant QAPI Program
    25 - Credentialing
    250 - Communication in the ASC
    250 - Managing Disruptive Behavior in the Workplace
    250 - Transforming a Culture
    26 - Bundled Payments Are in Your Future
    260 - Deemed Status and CMS Surveys - Always Be Prepared
    260 - New Perspectives on Point-of-Use Reprocessing
    260 - The BSN Debate: How Does Nursing Education Impact Patient Outcomes
    27 - Strategic Planning for ASCs
    270 - A Risk Management Approach to Managing Patient Safety and "Never Events" in the Surgical Setting
    270 - Development and Implementation of a Meaningful QAPI Program in the ASC
    270 - Reinventing Competency Training in Your ASC
    28 - Sterilization Quality Control for the Ambulatory Surgery Center
    280 - ASCA's Federal Legislative and Regulatory Update
    280 - Infection Control: The Role of the Anesthesia Team
    280 - Overview of Compounding
    29 - Smart Phone Usage in the ASC by Patients/Patient Representatives, Staff and Physicians
    290 - Avoiding and Managing Difficult CMS Survey Results
    290 - Leadership 101
    30 - Financial Benchmarking Using ASCA's Benchmarking Program and More
    300 - Clinical Benchmarking 101
    300 - Risk Management and QAPI: Making a Successful Relationship
    300 - Working Effectively with a GPO
    31 - Improve Your Staff Competency Process
    310 - Achieving an Effective Competency Program
    310 - Ensuring IT Security and HIPAA Compliance in ASCs: Complex Rules, More Challenges, Higher Penalties
    310 - Instrument reprocessing- Are You Prepared for a Survey?
    32 - Whole Emergenetics® Communications—Optimizing Communications with Your Team and Patients
    320 - ASC Administrators' Must-Know Info: 201
    320 - Medicare ASC Payment Changes: Opportunities and Risks
    320 - Medicare's New Patient Experience of Care Surveys: We're Not Just Talking about Patient Satisfaction Anymore
    321211 - Winter Coding Seminar 2012 Conference Set
    33 - Federal Regulatory Update
    330 - ASCA's Federal Legislative and Regulatory Update
    330 - Legal Liability and Protective Measures Regarding Product Defects/Failures
    330 - Waging the Wage-and-Hour Battle: Preventing Costly Lawsuits
    330435 - ASCA 2013 Annual Meeting Conference Set
    330435 - CASC Review Course
    34 - Avoiding ASC Liability Arising From Nursing Scope of Practice and Nursing Practice Issues
    340 - Enhance Quality, Productivity and Profitability in the Ophthalmic ASC
    340 - HIPAA in Plain English
    340 - Leadership 201
    340514 - CASC Review Course
    35 - Mentoring and Coaching to Develop Your New Leaders
    350 - Is Gyn the New Spine? Moving Hysterectomy and Advanced Laparoscopy into Your ASC
    350 - Pharmacy Medication Management
    350 - Total Joint Replacements in the ASC
    36 - FDA's Response to Drug Shortages
    360 - Payor Agreement Negotiations: The Tools You Need for Success
    360 - Performing Total Joint Procedures In An ASC Setting
    360 - Social Media from a Legal Standpoint
    37 - Driving Performance through Clinical Benchmarking
    370 - Sleeve Surgery in an ASC
    370 - Trends in State Regulations on Ambulatory Surgery Centers
    38 - HIPAA and Your ASC
    380 - Managing Conflict in the ASC (Staff, Physicians, Patients)
    380 - Ortho
    380 - Spine Surgery in ASCs
    39 - DEA Insights into Managing the Disposal of Controlled Substances
    390 - Driving Clinical Improvements Through an Effective Benchmarking Program
    390 - The Feasibility, Safety and Effectiveness of Minimally Invasive Transforaminal Lumbar Interbody Fusions Performed in an Outpatient Setting
    390 - Urology Services In The Asc
    40 - Leadership 101
    400 - An Effective Ambulatory Surgery Center Compliance Plan
    400 - Cell Phone Usage in the ASC by Patients/Patient Representatives (a Dynamic Joint Clinical and Legal Analysis)
    400 - Updates on GI Endoscopy
    41 - How to Recruit and Engage Physicians in Your ASC
    410 - Clinical Benchmarking 201
    410 - Spine Procedures in the ASC
    410 - Urology
    42 - Manage the Clinical Operations Behind a Total Joint Program
    420 - Bundled Payment 101
    420 - Deadly Caring: The Effects of Substance Abuse on Perioperative Care Givers
    420 - EPA and DEA Drug Disposal Update
    43 - Normothermia and Medicare's ASC Quality Reporting Program
    430 - Financial Benchmarking
    430 - HospitalPhysician Relationships and Their Effects on ASCs
    430 - Implementing an Effective and Meaningful Peer Review Program
    44 - Active Shooter Preparedness and Response
    440 - Nursing Documentation
    440 - Peer Review Success
    440 - Working Effectively with a GPO to Achieve Savings
    45 - Leadership 201
    450 - Reimbursement Issues for Ortho, Eye, GI, Spine, Urology, ENT
    450 - Topical Antiseptics: Reducing the Risk of Surgical Site Infections
    450 - Working Safely with a Compounding Pharmacy
    46 - Communicating in a Multi-Generational Workforce
    460 - Bringing Innovative Procedures to Your ASC
    460 - Fraud and Abuse Issues for ASCs
    460 - Risk Management Assessment
    47 - Manage the Business Operations Behind a Total Joint Program
    470 - Partnering with Banks
    470 - Preventing and Responding to Sentinel Events in the OR
    470 - Valuation of your ASC
    48 - New Information Technology for ASCs
    480 - Informed Consent in the ASC Setting
    480 - Peer Review: A Legal Perspective
    480 - Putting It All Together: Implementing HIPAA and HITECH
    49 - 23-Hour, 59-Minute Stays; Logistics, Pitfalls and Opportunities
    490 - Improving Patient Safety through Huddles and Handoffs
    490 - Patient Selection in the ASC
    490 - Samba Panel
    50 - Nursing Leadership: Identifying and Addressing Ethical Challenges
    500 - Payer Strategies and Contract Reimbursement
    500 - Today's Joint Ventures: Lessons Learned in the Field and Solutions for a Changing Market
    500 - Your Policy and Procedure Manual One Chapter at a Time
    51 - Out of Network Billing: Opportunity or Liability?
    510 - Hysterectomy and Beyond: Is Gynecologic Surgery the Next Big Thing?
    510 - Peer Review from a Legal Standpoint
    510 - Why and How to Collect Deductibles and Copays Up Front
    52 - Pain Management in the Outpatient Setting Today
    520 - At the Table or on the Menu? How to Influence Healthcare Policy in Washington D.C.
    520 - Recovery Care Options in the ASC
    520 - Supplies OptimizationMaking Fewer Resources Work Harder for You
    53 - Improve Your Hiring Process to Boost Retention
    530 - Considerations for Incorporating New Procedures in Your ASC
    530 - Design Concerns for ASCs
    530 - Using Accurately Documented Minutes for Your QA Committee and Governing Board to Ensure Regulatory Compliance
    54 - Always Be Prepared- CMS and Accreditation Survey Preparedness
    540 - Don't be a Rubber Stamp, Is your Governing Board Accountable?
    540 - Flexible Endoscope Reprocessing: Re-thinking the Risk for Endoscopy-Associated Infections
    540 - Life Safety StandardsMethods for Compliance
    55 - An Overview of the Anti-Kickback Statute, Stark and the False Claims Act
    550 - ASC Joint Ventures: The Rules for Success
    550 - Making Your ASC SaferResponding to Serious Adverse Events
    550 - Malignant Hyperthermia: Are You Prepared?
    56 - QAPI Studies that Work
    560 - Novel Approaches to Supply Cost Containment/Reduction
    560 - Nursing Documentation 101
    560 - Take Patient Experience to the Next Level
    57 - Successfully Managing Medical Necessity Denials, Common Bundling Issues and Collections 101
    570 - Emergency Preparedness in the ASC
    570 - Raise Your Reimbursements Using Key Performance Indicators
    570 - Requirements for RN-Provided Sedation
    58 - Pharmacy Medication Management
    580 - Advances in Perioperative Pain Control
    580 - Always be Prepared! CMS and Accreditation Survey Issues and Strategies
    59 - Life Safety Compliance: Trends and Standard Changes
    590 - Anesthesia Practice Relationships . . . What You Don't Know Can Hurt You!
    590 - OSHA- Recommended Practices for the OR and Decontamination Area
    590 - Preparing for Electronic Health Records: What You Need to Know about Change Management, Physician Buy-In, Quality and Patient Safety
    600 - Filing a Claim--From Submission to Reimbursement
    600 - Safe Medication Management and Compliance
    600 - Wrong Site SurgeryUse of the Safe Surgery Checklist in the ASC
    610 - How to Protect Your ASC from Legal Trouble
    610 - Minimize Injuries by Positioning Your Patients Effectively for Surgery
    610 - OSHA: Truths & Myths
    620 - Implementing an In-House RN New Graduate Program
    620 - Online Pre-Op Screening
    620 - Top Reimbursement Issues that Affect Your Bottom Line
    630 - Achieving and Sustaining a Culture of Patient-Centered Care
    630 - Negotiating Vendor Contracts
    630 - Reprocessing to Achieve Significant Cost Savings in ASCs
    A Collaborative Approach to Disaster Preparedness
    Achieving and Maintaining Life Safety Code Compliance
    Analyzing Your Revenue Cycle
    Anesthesia in an ASC: Coverage, Compliance and Controversies
    Anesthesia in an ASC: Coverage, Compliance and Controversies
    ASC Equity Transactions
    ASCA 2013 Annual Meeting - Friday
    ASCA 2013 Annual Meeting - Saturday
    ASCA 2013 Annual Meeting - Thursday
    ASCA 2013 Annual Meeting - Wednesday
    ASCA 2014 Annual Meeting Conference Set
    ASCA 2014 Webinars - Full Webinar Series
    ASCA 2015 Annual Meeting Conference Set
    ASCA 2015 Webinars - Full Set
    ASCA 2016 Annual Meeting Conference Set
    ASCA 2016 Webinars - Full Set
    ASCA 2017 Annual Meeting Conference Set
    ASCA 2017 Annual Meeting Thursday Set
    ASCA 2017 Webinars - Full Set
    ASCA Free Sessions for Members
    ASCA Webinars 2018 Full Set
    ASCA Webinars 2019 Full Set
    ASCA Webinars 2020 Full Set
    Best Business Office Practices: Assessing the Success of Your Coding and Billing Department
    Best Practices for Pre-Admission Areas
    Building and Sustaining a Culture of Safety
    CASC Review Course
    Clarifying the Processes: Sequela Monitoring, Sentinel Events and Root Cause Analysis
    Clinical Benchmarking 101
    Clinical Benchmarking 201: Moving from Data Collection to Performance Improvement
    CMS Audits: Top Seven Medical Documentation Risk Areas in the ASC and How to Reduce Revenue and Compliance Risk
    CMS Quality Reporting for ASCs
    CMS Quality Reporting for ASCs
    CMS’ Interpretive Guidelines: How to Comply with Recent Changes
    COMP 330108 - ASCA 2013 Webinars
    Comparing Performance and Focusing QAPI Activities
    Conquering the Third Party Payor Cliff
    Conscious Sedation and Competency for Non-Anesthesia Staff (RN)
    Countdown to Compliance with the HIPAA Omnibus Rule
    CPT Changes 2014
    Credentialing 101
    Credentialing- Physicians, Staff and Vendors
    Daily and Monthly Dashboard Statistics
    Deadly Caring: The Effects of Substance Abuse on Perioperative Care Givers
    Dealing Effectively with Difficult Surgeons
    Dilemmas in the Age of Social Networking
    Directed or Self-Directed Learning, That Is the Question
    Dispelling the Myths about Working with Group Purchasing Organizations (GPOs)
    Documentation Deficiencie that Impact Reimbursement for ASCs
    Duties and Responsibilities of Your ASC's Governing Board
    Effective Approaches to Unexpected Clinical Events
    Emerging Trends in Orthopedics
    EMRs: "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly"
    Federal Affairs Update
    Financial Benchmarking 101
    Financial Benchmarking 201
    Following the Standards to Reduce Patient Risk
    Generation Relationship Roulette
    Health System ASC Transactions
    High-Level Disinfection and Technician Certification
    Hiring and Firing Employees: Are You Following the Law?
    How to Add Capacity to an ASC When You Are Out of Space and in a CON State
    How to Decide Which Procedures to Add an Drop
    How to Keep Pain Management Cases in Your ASC
    How to Train an ASC Biller
    HR Issues in the ASC
    Legal and Compliance Issues in Anesthesia Arrangements: Maintaining High Quality Anesthesia in Your ASC
    Leveraging the Relationship with Your Vendor
    Managing Controlled Substances in Your ASC
    Managing Drug Shortages
    Maximizing the Use of Information Technology in Your ASC
    Medicare Inspections and Survey Readiness
    Medicare Inspections--Are You Ready?
    Medicare’s Final Rates for 2014
    Medication Safety in the ASC
    Moderate Sedation: Are We Managing It Properly?
    Moving the Needle on Supply Chain Excellence
    New Developments Affecting Compounding Pharmacies and What They Mean for Your ASC
    Nursing Documentation
    Obstructive Sleep Apnea: Are We Pushing the Envelope?
    Online Pre-Op Screening: A Win-Win for Patients, Staff and Administrators
    OSHA Surveys and Citations
    OSHA: Are You Compliant? 1
    OSHA: Are You Compliant? 2
    OSHA’s Revised Hazard Communication Standard
    Overexposure: Risks Related to Disclosure of Preoperative Testing Results to Third Parties
    Patient Collections You Can Brag About
    Peer Review and the National Practitioner Data Bank
    Peer Review Essentials
    Pharmaceutical Waste Disposal
    Pharmaceutical Waste Management Challenges and Opportunities
    Preparing for 2013 Medicare's Final Rule
    Preparing for and Passing an OSHA Survey
    Preventing Surgical Fires
    Protecting Patients' Rights in Your ASC: What's New in Compliance, Audits and Certification?
    Quality Measure Reporting
    Re-Evaluating Your Revenue Cycle
    Revisiting Your Surgery Center's Infection Control Plan - An Annual 'Checkup' for Ensuring Regulatory and Accreditation Survey Compliance
    Social Media and Your ASC
    Strategies to Combat Market Consolidation
    Surgical Site Infection: A Nurse's Perspective
    Targeted Solutions Tool: Reducing Risk. Reducing Wrong Site Surgery
    The Company Model: Analysis of the OIG Opinion
    The Five Tenets of Highly Effective Employee Risk Management: Using Progressive Discipline to Avoid Employee Litigation
    The Ins and Outs of ASC Billing
    The Safe Surgery Checklist and the ASC
    Tough Coding Issues for Pain Management
    Understanding Medicare’s Proposed Rates for 2014
    Using Case Costing and Payer Contract Performance to Improve Your Bottom Line
    Weight Loss and Gastric Reduction Surgery: An Update
    You Gotta Be Kidding Me!...Are We STILL Talking about Artificial Nails? Really?
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How to Succeed When a CMS Survey Strikes
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